Course Overview

Fraud is a general headache in most establishments around the world. A company has to actually detect fraud before it can be investigated. Remember that companies put controls in place to ensure that transactions have proper approval and the numbers are recorded correctly, but there are people who deliberately circumvent the controls for fraudulent purposes. What of control overrides, these are senior management activities. This course would equip you with modern skills to prevent, detect and control frauds.

Course Objectives

At the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Identify major fraud schemes
  • Identify some common ways that fraud is detected within companies.
  • Develop a basic investigative policy and create a general plan for dealing with reports of suspected fraud.
  • Assemble a competent fraud investigation team to examine cases of suspected fraud.
  • Avail the management of options for discipline and legal action once a fraud investigation is concluded
  • Impart fraud detection and control skills on your subordinates and colleagues

Course Outline

  1. Background to Fraud
  2. Elements of Fraud
  3. Occupational fraud
  4. Larceny
  5. Skimming
  6. Bank frauds
  7. Types of Cheque scams
  8. Stolen Checks
  9. Demand draft fraud
  10. Rogue traders
  11. Fraudulent loans
  12. Forged or fraudulent documents
  13. Bill discounting fraud
  14. Booster cheques
  15. Prime bank fraud
  16. Identity fraud
  17. Why do people commit identity theft?
  18. How Does Someone Steal an Identity?
  19. How is identity stolen
  20. Identity Theft Action – Step
  21. And 60 other exciting topics


Course Timeline:
The course will cover only one lesson, and it begins with the definition and introduction of fraud. It opens up the various types of fraud and discusses the way they are perpetrated. The lesson further show-cases the prevention, detection and deterrence methods.
Test for Lesson 1- F...

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